Studio Space of the week – Rik van Iersel

If you don't know his work already, Rik is a multi-talented Dutch artist and musician who has also collaborated over the years with our own Johnny Dowd. This year he has an ongoing  media project called The Conductors Tale, parts of which we have been privileged to post on Vimeo. It's got everything-poetry,music, art, and... Continue Reading →

Pride Month Yarn Bomb Update

KSD was proud to represent at the Schweinfurth yarn bomb project: "Thirteen knitters and crocheters made rainbow banners that were sewn onto light poles in front of the art center, at 205 Genesee St., Auburn, and the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center (NYS ERHC), in downtown Auburn, during the week of June 17.... Continue Reading →

Outside the Box…

  ...and Inside the Book.   Here at KSD, you are more likely to find us trimming,sewing and painting the book than writing it, but not so with this Dowd. We HIGHLY recommend you check out Jacquelyn Hall's latest book Sisters and Rebels: A Struggle for the Soul of America. Find her on Goodreads and... Continue Reading →

Family Picnic Show-Focus on John

What can we say that hasn't been said already? Johnny Dowd is an icon, a maverick, a poet, a freak-country-noir king, a pastor with a beatbox,the headmaster of trashcan Americana,a junkyard dog, a gloriously deviant perveyour of mutant funk for techno voor rednecks and, most importantly, a brother to four sisters and an uncle to two nieces. That... Continue Reading →

Family Picnic Show-Focus on Jade

        Let's be honest here. Most of the items at KSD were made by Jade-you hardly have to focus to see them. What are rarer in the public eye are her paintings, collages and strange combos of the two. We hope she takes time between her insane millennial work, social and volunteer schedule (heads... Continue Reading →

Family Picnic Show-Focus on Jif

Inspired by the Ithaca Commons Banner competition (no suspense, she wasn't selected), Jif pulled some ideas from her photographs of water on her land . She settled on Plethodon cinereus in a vernal pool. Now to convert the sketch to a reduction print. Step one was to prepare the carving stop to register the paper to... Continue Reading →

Crochet Madness

Special post just for crochet fans...and yeah, we're hoping to have these in a local craft show. But if we don't get in, well, you know how to reach us!

Lucky Stars

  Hundreds of paper stars, when scattered across tables along with matching twinkly lights, added sparkle to this wedding reception.   But before that...months of teeny,tiny folding. (Do not try this at home!) However, if you are on a  long car ride, on tour for Johnny Dowd's Twinkle,Twinkle album (coincidence, if you believe in coincidences ),... Continue Reading →

Freeing Up Figure Drawing

  Some things come easier to us, like working with our hands, and some things come harder, like drawing hands. And bodies. And making them move. And since we all harbor a secret desire to be comic book artists (who doesn't?), this can't stand! If you feel the same, check out the work Jade is... Continue Reading →

Ukranian Egg Dying

  A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg,decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax-resist method. These spectacular patterns are generally quite detailed and meticulously applied. But the wax resist method is adaptable to widely variable designs and personal expression as well, as we discovered at our spring egg dying party!         And if your dyed egg... Continue Reading →

iPhone Cover Collages

  We're very much DIY at KSD, and we're not alone in that. Your average crafter is going to resist spending money on mass-produced phone covers with printed graphics. And there's no shortage of internet instructions on how to pimp out your iPhone with either beads and hearts or skulls and pot leaves. That's just fine, if... Continue Reading →

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